UGC is waiting for the response of all universities in the country over New guidelines to reconduct Final year Exams. University Grants Commission or UGC is waiting for the reply of all universities in India over the new guidelines issued by the UGC to conduct final year exams. According to official sources, the total 560 response came yet out of 950 universities. They have either conducted the exam or planning to conduct final-year papers.

Total 194 universities in 560 universities have already conducted the exam before the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown while remaining 366 colleges are ready and in favour to conduct final-year papers. In the session 2019-2020, 27 universities have got approval from UGC, and their first batch is not eligible to appear in the final exam yet but UGC is waiting for their response too. Some universities said that there is no planning to organize final year exam in this pandemic situation.

UGC restated the importance of final year exam, they said that the performance in final exam enhance and tests the merit of students and it helps them in lifelong credibility, worldwide acceptability for a scholarship, admissions, awards, and most importantly in placements.

Some famous universities of the world, situated in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia have either conducted the exam or planning to conduct it., they added. In the response over UGC new guidelines, many universities are worried and responded that it is way too risky to conduct this exam in this pandemic situation where the number of coronavirus cases creating new records every day.

Earlier, universities of Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, have already cancelled the exams and passed the students based on their internal assessments. Some universities requested to UGC to drop the plan to conduct exam this year and assess students performance based on their internal marks. as they did this with 1st year and 2nd-year students.

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