Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani is checked among the nation’s most renowned private advanced education establishments. This college of worldwide standing follows its inception to 1901 when a little school ‘Pathshala’ was worked in Pilani. A lot of People have Query Why Student’s First Priority to get admission BITS Pilani University?

Why Students Get Admission at BITS Pilani University?

Top 10 Reasons

1.NAAC Certified

BITS is certified by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with grade ‘A’.

2. Ford Foundation Award

BITS Pilani has got ties with numerous outside colleges which implies subsequent to examining say a year or two in the event that you wish to concentrate in those colleges, at that point you can do likewise under the understudies trade program. The Institute with the assistance of the Ford Foundation award from 1964 to 1970 had the benefit of having joint effort with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

3. IITs Considered Standard

BITS Pilani is a brand name so in the event that you need a tag with yourself after you drop, at that point, this is the thing that you need. On the off chance that you wish to travel to another country to seek after higher investigations, at that point just BITS Pilani and IITs from India are considered at standard with one another and consequently under the same class.

4. Board Toppers Direct Admission

BITS Pilani offers Direct Admission to Board Toppers of all state and focal sheets into their preferred program at any of the Indian grounds. For sheets with more than one zones/district [like CBSE, Maharashtra Board] the concede is offered to the clincher from each zone/locale. Again in the event that you are at the top among lakhs, at that point, you merit a seat here.

5. Internship

There are two internships one after the second year and the other in the fourth year for 2 and a half years individually.

6. Amazing Classes

It has a Very solid graduated class with the vast majority of them at driving situations in pretty much every field of life and trust me pretty much every field of life you can imagine.

7. scholarly flexibility

BITS Pilani is known for its scholarly flexibility. You can seek after designing with science. You can finish your building in 3.5 years on the off chance that you have the gauge.

8. cost of instruction

In case whenever the cost of instruction is something which pesters you, at that point, you needn’t stress as BITS gives merit cum need a grant to understudies whose family pay is beneath sure breaking point and practically 25% understudies profit this from each group.

9. No Attendance Rules

No rules about 75% attendance like in a large portion of the IITs and NITs bombing which you are banished from giving the end seems. 

10. Placement

Placements at BITS are among the highest in India. Probably the most lucrative employments have been offered on these grounds.

What is the Admission Process?

BITS holds the BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) for the individuals who wish to consider it in the renowned foundation.

  • The determination for the Integrated UG programs is based on BITSAT score
  • BITS, Pilani acknowledges CAT/GMAT score for shortlisting possibility for its MBA program
  • MBA confirmations for the first semester 2020-21 will be made based on CAT (2020)/XAT (2020)/GMAT (2020) scores, trailed by Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Writing Ability Test (WAT)
  • For the PhD program, competitors are chosen based on composed tests and a meeting. These are BITS Pilani University Admission Process.

Frequently asked Questions

Ques. How long does Counselling take? 

Ans. The length of counselling relies upon the issues and the objectives. Frequently, a situational issue or worry about a companion may require just a couple of meetings. We by and large attempt to give enough assistance to you to have the option to gain ground and push ahead with the issues all alone, regardless of whether they are not completely settled.
Ques. How does Counselling work? 

Ans. There is an assortment of guiding techniques custom-made for various issues. As a rule, advising is a synergistic procedure that includes joint critical thinking in a secret setting.

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